Beloved Community (Testimonials)

Joy helped me release trauma held in the body that was affecting my emotional and physical health. She knew exactly what points to needle based on the information I shared. I was amazed that in just one session… Read More

Ricky, 36

Acupuncture has done wonders for my long term back issues. It had been very difficult for me to bend down to pick up anything from the floor because of a great degree of stiffness and pain. Through regular… Read More

Paul, 69

When my husband and I were trying to conceive our child and were not having success, I started to feel so much stress about the whole situation. The stress was taking its toll on me emotionally and physically… Read More

Anna, 33

As an acupuncturist, Joy created a warm and welcoming space for healing. In my experiences in treatment with Joy, I have always felt at-ease, trusting and in a safe space.  This is of strong importance for me as… Read More

Margeaux, 28