Margeaux, 28

As an acupuncturist, Joy created a warm and welcoming space for healing. In my experiences in treatment with Joy, I have always felt at-ease, trusting and in a safe space.  This is of strong importance for me as an individual who has been through trauma. Joy exudes confidence, compassion and whole-hearted care in serving my highest self and meeting me where I am at in each treatment physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I miscarried shortly before seeing Joy for treatment. Together, we focused on my physical and emotional recovery from the miscarriage, as well as healing trauma that had previously taken place in my life. Just two months later, my partner and I conceived again. I honor how Joy contributed to the blessing of a child for us who came so shortly after treatments together. I loved our sessions because I always feel both of us and the needles all collectively working together to optimize the treatment. Her ability to empower her patients is a true gift. I left walking away feeling responsible for my health and also held in the good hands of this naturally gifted acupuncturist, Joy.