Anna, 33

When my husband and I were trying to conceive our child and were not having success, I started to feel so much stress about the whole situation. The stress was taking its toll on me emotionally and physically and I know it was a hindrance to our mission of making a baby. Enter Joy! She told me that there were fertility treatments available through acupuncture, as well as wonderful stress relief possibilities. At the time, I had never had acupuncture or any real experience with Eastern medicine. Joy did an intake where she asked a lot of questions about me, and as we did that she got excited about my treatment as she discovered more ways she could help me and crafted a plan for how best to move forward. That was new for me: talking with a doctor who not only seemed genuinely interested in my problems, but was excited to craft a treatment plan with me! We did my first acupuncture session and it was so relaxing and encouraging to me as someone discouraged by my conception journey so far. Joy was so knowledgeable, explaining which points she was choosing and why–this one for stress, this one to open up fertility channels–it was all so interesting and exciting to me. I laid there with the needles in feeling myself melt and open up. At Joy’s suggestion, I took that time to meditate on what I was trying to accomplish with my therapy. After my treatment, I went forward calm, relaxed, and very hopeful to keep trying. My husband and I conceived within days of my treatment and I can’t look at my beautiful son without thinking about Joy and her kindness, enthusiasm, and the knowledge she brought to the table to help me when I needed it most.