Portland BIPOC Healthcare Providers

This is a living document, compiled by Montserrat Andreys, DC, and will be continuously updated, check back as needed.

*I have not met all of these providers personally, many come as recommendations by people that have worked with them.



Kathleen King LAc

Joy Rosa

Naike Swai LAc

Mary Chen LAc

Sita Symonette

Andrea Locke LAc

Michelle Yan DSOM LAc

Turtle Farahat LAc

Marleen Haverty ND LAc

Sivan Dirks LAc

Suzanne Chi MSOM, LAc



Montserrat Andreys DC sports chiropractor

Ali Khoshbin DC

Shireesh Bhalerao DC

Jim Bowman DC

Jenna Ramji DC

Jonathan Wong DC

Billy Flowers DC

Sylas Takamune DC

Sean Nagasaka DC 


Cranial Sacral

Andrea Thompson LMT



Wapato Island Farm

Mudbone Grown



Humans of Color Yoga

Tyra Lovato personal/group fitness

Whitney Handrich Yoga

Angelina Vasile Yoga/Pilates

Mercedes Benyo Yoga

TP Brown

DeShawn Fontleroy

Olaniyi “Niyi” Sobomehin


Jess Moxley –

Kusuma Rao –

Tyra Lovato fitness nutrition coach


Food /Cooking Education

Jacobson Valentine

Andrea Celeste


LMT(licensed massage therapy)

Monica Fong LMT – Waywest massage

Andrew Daquiz LMT – Written on the body

Andrea Thomson LMT

Alberta Qamar LMT

Imia Holston LMT

Brianne Stubbs LMT

Nylah Goudy LMT

Lee Santa Ana LMT

Sandro Alvarez LMT

Kilika Detloff LMT

LaReina Starr, LMT



Touk Keo



Adrianne Sebastina ND

Mary Fu ND

Alexandria Nguyen-Johnson ND

Wendy Vannoy ND

Marleen Haverty ND LAc

Kristin Wing ND

Shehab El-Hashemy ND

Maleah Ermac ND

Megan Golani ND



Matthew McGehee MD


Orthopedic Surgeon

Dominic Patillo MD


Regenerative Therapies

Rahul Desai MD


Sexual Therapists

Alexis Fitch MCFT intern


Sensuality/Sexual Healing Coach

Che Che Luna

Jimanekia Eborn


Social Work

Danette Gillespie Otto LCSW

Rebecca Rocha MSW


Sound Healing

Naike Swai

Claudia Cuentas Oviedo

Indira Valey



Spiritual Coaching

Kirin Bhatti

Shane Case



Claudia Cuentas

Joaquin Lopez LPC

Neil Panchmatia LPC

Vanessa Washington LPC

Healther Simpson MFT intern

Aisha Edwards LMHC

Adrian Larsen Sanchez

Ofelio Pesendiz MA LPC intern

Pamela Taite MA LPC intern


Womb Health

Jeevan Singh DSOM