About Joy

“Self care and healing and attention to the body and the spiritual dimension- all of this is now a part of radical social justice.” -Dr. Angela Davis

Dear Beloved Community,

Welcome to Earthworks Acupuncture!

My name is Joy Rosa, and I am happy to be a member of our Portland community. I am equally as passionate and committed to radically transforming healthcare services, by making traditional medicines, such as acupuncture & preventative care, accessible to our communities at large.

It’s a big dream, but I’m in the mindset that teamwork makes the dream work. Let’s co-create the world we deserve to live in, beginning with appreciating the value of our health. I don’t think that’s lost on folks, but it’s something we haven’t been able to explore too often, if at all, because it’s been largely inaccessible for many: too far away from home, too expensive to afford continuously and consistently, it isn’t covered.

So many prolific minds have been integrated into the foundations of Earthworks’ philosophy. Audre Lorde encouraged that “caring for [yourself] is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.” It is also my aim to continue to connect healer-patients, from across its vast spectrum to encourage deeper community aid.

I began my journey with Chinese Medicine over 9 years ago, as a patient with severe musculoskeletal injuries from a major accident. Learning how to encourage my body that it knew how to heal on its own was an invaluable, unique and worthy experience that is ongoing. It taught me the importance of taking an active role and participating in my own health & well being. I met my body half way, I continue to learn practices to focus my mind, heal my heart, and understand that healing is a never-ending marathon.

In practice, I strive to meet each patient where they are in their wellness journey, because no journey is the same. Let’s educate, empower, and encourage broader community health & wellness, co-creatively, beginning with ourselves.